Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is Utility Tunnel

The structure built above the earth and underground containing more than two sorts of public utilities, and its facilities including drainage, ventilation, lighting, communication, electricity, and relevant systems of surveillance and detection.

Traditional setting and maintenance

Setting and maintenance in Common Duct

A utility tunnel is a subterranean space for wires, conduits, pipes, and other conveyances used in the delivery of utilities with enough room for a human to enter.
A common utility duct, sometimes called a common utility conduit, is any structure – above, on, or below ground – that carries more than two types of public utility lines. However, the phrase often refers specifically to underground tunnels.

A picture of an utility tunnel taken by an urban explorer in Toronto Canada. Note the steam and electrical conduit.

Utility tunnel in the center of Zurich, Switzerland

Attention please:
utility tunnel=utility duct=utility corridor=utilidor

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